Real data from our customers

Our Results

These images are real data from our customers. We understand that selling on Amazon can be challenging at times and issues arise. We will be here as a team member, caring as much about your success as you do. We have proven consistent and verifiable results.

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Strong PPC results

Here is an updated lifetime view of a current client that we manage ACOS for. We even lost the ability to run PPC due to a category change and able to recoup.

Average 170 units per day

Here is an account we took over in October 2020. You will see a large giveaway October 17th 2020 with great, and steady daily sales after the giveaway.

ZonFlip Example
ZonFlip Example

From giveaway to sales

This was a brand new account to us in October 2019. As you an see we worked through an issue after the giveaway, but were able to steadily increase sales and maintain the sales rank.

ZonFlip starts here

This is an account we took over in August 2020. You will see a peak due to a giveaway and then sales steady out and have real growth!

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